Secure Password Generator

Secure random passwords!

Password length:      20





Some things to consider about passwords:

  • Never re-use the same password.
  • You likely have more passwords than you can possibly remember. You don't have to.
  • Write your passwords down in a safe place. Use a password manager or an encrypted file. Set a strong master password that you can remember.
  • The strong passwords we generate are long (≥ 16 characters), contain lower-case and upper-case letters, numbers, and symbols in a random arrangement. A computer will need more than a trillion years to crack one of our 16-character passwords.
  • Examples of strong human-memorizable master passwords are long phrases that don't make sense and don't show up in literature. "The Grass explodes like never before And we sing a Song." (you could use it without spaces if they are not allowed).
  • Never use single dictionary words, names, etc., even if you do some common replacements like "a → 8" etc.
  • You can check the strength of your password here: